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HALATEX, a design company focusing on project base fabric products, was founded in 1997.

As a distribution related company and as a professional in the domestic market, through active business planning in design and sales and analysis of domestic and international markets, we believe that the largest distribution opportunity lies with large retailers in the domestic market. Since the founding of HALATEX, we have been committed to developing diverse products and leading the business with large retailers.

We have much interest in home fabric products, which are basic necessities, and characters as well as new items. We were the first to introduce bead cushions to the domestic market. We cooperated with supermarkets to design the product and were successful in launching the bead cushions as generic products.

We still are making contracts with popular domestic and international characters on license and are leading the best brands in the field of home fabric products and licensed character products.

The vision of our company is to become the number one company in the field of fabric products To achieve this goal, we are putting a lot of effort into market research by analyzing distribution and customer trends in the domestic market as well as in international markets.

Based on newly developed items and brands as well as character launching, we are constantly improving our project and development system. Also, we aim to build a systematic organization by investing in new product development, competitive distribution, and aggressive marketing.

To become the top fabric distribution company, we will never stop striving for the best.

HALATEX President, Lee Eun-Kyung

HALATEX President,
Lee Eun-Kyung