Our company

  • Belief
    We will not let our beliefs be shaken. In the midst of change, we will keep our distinct company beliefs. We have the confidence to constantly reinvent ourselves without being swayed by anything.
  • Distinctive
    We respect ourselves and do not fear change, but enjoy the present. We have belief and confidence in our work even though it began from someone else’s. We believe in our ability and are in a position to take a new leap forward.
  • Market
    We are highly sensitive to trends and we are capable of reading signals of change in the market. Through big data, we are able to understand the minute details of consumer movements and changes.
    Not only are we committed to increasing sensitivity to the market, but we are also committed to meeting dynamic requirements as well.
    We believe that we must be sensitive to the trends, stay true to our company’s beliefs, and believe in our own ability to be able to read the market trends.
  • Learning
    By Doing
    We put a high value on experimenting and learning.
    We can lead the trends forward by closely observing consumers and creating new products to fit their needs. We promise to try again and again until each HALATEX product is perfectly completed.
  • Dynamic
    Based on clear and determined beliefs, capability, and knowledge about trends as our foundation, we will learn more about technology, products, and future market trends by repeating tests and studies.
  • Passion
    We believe that we can become successful designers through constant
    self-development and passion.